Epic Holiday Party Slots

Arguably, the two most popular holidays of the year in most countries around the world are New Years Day and the Christmas holiday. This is especially true in the Western Hemisphere; which is what makes Real Time Gaming's Epic Holiday Party Slats such a timely addition to their gigantic library of awesome pokies. As you may have figured out, the theme of this game includes the magical tidings of the winter season via the Roman Catholic churches pagan holiday Christmas. Although you cannot frolic about in the North Pole with Santa Claus, you can get is close to him as feasible in the virtual world with this 5 reel, 243 pay line RTG slot. There are two ways to play Epic Holiday Party Slots: the first way is the guaranteed free play mode, which simply requires you to have an acceptable browser on your mobile device or desktop computer. The browsers of choice are either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. To activate them just had to the website and click the "Flash Play Now" button that usually just above the Download Now button. You do not even need to create an account, since anything you win will be counted as virtual fun money. On the other hand, if you wish to play for real money, then you have to download the casino software and create an account. Once done, then all you need do is make a deposit of the minimum listed number to receive your Welcome Bonus. Now you are in the running to potentially win some cold hard cash.

Epic Holiday Party Slots Reels, Prizes and Betting

The 5x3 reels possess an incredible 243 pay lines that deliver plenty of winning combination possibilities. The betting range for every single one of these - delivered in either pounds or American dollars - is a minimum of $0.88 to a maximum of $8.80. The top payouts are a salivating 568x whatever you wagered; with x being the commitment you made at the start of the real money game. There are several jackpots available, especially since this is a Progressive Pokey. Just think about what a 50,000 coins when could do for your financial future! Additionally, the progressive jackpots I section dive into a Grand jackpot, a Major jackpot, a Minor jackpot, and the smallest one which is a Mini jackpot. The following values are associated with each one, respectively:
  • Grand Jackpot - At least $5,000; likely more
  • Major Jackpot - $1,000 minimum; up to just under $5,000
  • Minor Jackpot - $250 min; you might corral up to just short of $1,000 however
  • Mini Jackpot - A solid $50; but this can get up to about $250 if you're extra lucky

Bonus Symbols - Scatters and Wilds

There are plenty of substitute icons in this game, which allows you to replace all non-scatter symbols to help complete a winning combination. The purses of moolah that represent the substitute symbols show up on the center three reels only, so be on the lookout for these game-changing occurrences. Additionally, there are also the afore-mentioned snow globe substitutes, which can do the same and increase your winnings if you get lucky. The latter only appear on the third reel. Here's a little more on the in-game scatter symbols: there's one that has a Free Games emblem inscribed across its surface; the attribute that it provides the lucky player is thus fairly obvious. If you line up enough of them, you get varying amounts of extra gaming opportunities - even dozens of them! Even more enticing is the fact that your 12 free games can be retriggered, which means you can continue winning more chances even as you are using the current ones. While playing the Free Games Bonus Round, the lower-paying poker symbols are altogether removed entirely, which really helps out your bottom line (potentially, as this is always a game of chance).

Epic Holiday Party Slots Symbol Combinations and Payouts

For three Free Games symbols you win 5 coins, as well as unlock the bonus feature. For four Free Games scatter symbols you get 10 coins and unlock the feature; for the top amount of 3 Free Games symbols you win 50 coins and 12 free games. The wild has a myriad of special properties; you should check out the pay table to get a gander of them all once you download and start the game. The young Santa Claus (costume-wearing gentleman, anyway) is a valuable symbol and delivers a 500 coin payout for five on the reels. Santa gets you 80 coins for four on the reels and 30 coins for three - all of these values occur at Level 4; the values are lower for Levels 3, Levels 2, Levels 1 and the Base Level; clearly we are only giving you the max values you can stand to win. The next symbol is the lovely brunette lady dressed in a plunging elf getup; for five of her you win 200 coins. For four of the brunette babe you get 50 coins, and for three of the brunette babe you win 20 coins on the paylines. The austere woman with glasses is a valuable symbol too; for five of her you win 400 coins; for four of her you get 88 coins and for three of her the prize is 30 coins. Once again, these values are the top ones at the Level Four (there are 5 total levels of payouts for each symbol). The final major symbol in Epic holiday Party Slots is the blonde vixen; for five of a kind she is worth a 200 coin payout. For four blonde vixen icons you win 50 coins and for three blonde vixens you receive 20 coins. All of these values are available for real money gamers, so download the casino software if you want a chance at tangible cash.