Ox Bonanza Slots

You may be aware that the herbivore known as the ox is a favorite in the Orient; in fact, every single Chinese New Year exalts a new animal to bring their culture to the world at large. Although this animal alternates frequently, they are always of the same variety and recently it was the Year of the Ox at center stage. To celebrate this, casino gaming giant Real time Gaming (RTG) has conjured the Year of the Ox video slot and released it to the top online gaming casinos for your enjoyment.

Among its many other positive attributes, Ox Bonanza Slots is known for its crisp, uninterrupted gameplay and awesome visuals. If you are a free player, then you will enjoy elements such as the chiming musical score, the graphics, the tremendous features and the satisfying symbol combinations. If you’re a real money player, then the world-famous RTG jackpots will be of interest to you, and you will make certain to wager enough at the betting lines to potentially take home a king’s ransom.

Intro to Symbols and the Ox Bonanza Icons

Ox Bonanza Slots has really bloomed into style with the crafting hands of RTG’s visual developers; the Year of the Ox has never been better represented in the online gaming space than with this venture. Although several years old, it still manages to capture the attention of gamers – new and old alike. The riveting appearance of the reels, with a gameboard set in the heavens amidst billowing clouds, the symbols traipsing all over the board in potentially winning combinations. Of particular note is the cherry tree symbol, which is a special icon that enhances your combos. In the middle of the sky, an ancient Chinese temple harbors the 3 x 3 grid of which Ox Bonanza Slots is comprised – specifically, 5 reels and 25 paylines define this slot, which has a game-changing jackpot of up to $25,000 big ones; all you have to do is download the casino software for access to this game of chance.

There’s a wild symbol in the game to help you get to this level, as well as multipliers and a scatter. It is, of course, a progressive jackpot type of game, which explains the exorbitant top prize. In the backdrop, there’s a calming Oriental soundtrack that soothes without being too distracting – which is in keeping with the heavenly graphics. The other symbols are represented by animals of every variety from Chinese lore. Specifically, the Ox is the wild icon, and dominates reel 1 to tag-in for every other non-scatter symbol. If you want to know which ones are the high-paying symbols, then pay attention to the pig, the mouse, the dog and the ox. The rest of the symbols are from poker, the table game.

Special Features in Ox Bonanza Slots

As mentioned, there’s a progressive jackpot waiting in the wings, as well as a Minor, Major and Mini jackpot of varying payouts. This game makes it possible to win every single one of them during a normal session of gaming. To aid in this endeavor, Ox Bonanza Slots has built-in free spins that can be unlocked by landing 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols on the reels all at the same time. Respectively, these can unlock 10, 20 or even 100 extra chances at winning – all for free!! The retrigger attribute is applicable here, which means that you can continue unlocking free spins even during a current free spin session.

Ox Bonanza Icon Combination Payouts

For this final section, we’ll give a rundown of all the symbols and what they pay. Keep in mind that you are under no obligation to play Ox Bonanza slots via download, as the Flash option runs competently on a supported browser. For mobile Android, this is Firefox and Chrome; for mobile iOS, this browser is Safari. Windows mobile support is on the way; currently, you can only play Flash on your desktop computer if you favor Windows.

If the Ox Bonus scatter icon lands on the reels, then you are in for a real treat consisting of free spins and the Bonus Feature. For three Ox Bonus scatter symbols, you gain entry to the Feature. For four Ox Bonus scatter symbols you get to the Bonus Feature, as well as 10 free spins. For the final possible tally of five Ox Bonus symbols, you open the Feature with 200 free spins.

Now as for the major symbols in the game, let’s begin with the Yak – it’s a giant herbivore that’s popular on Chinese farms. For the max of five of a kind of the Yak icon you receive 2500 coin payout; for four Yaks you get 250 coins, for three Yak symbols you win 50 coins and for two Yaks your prize is 5 coins. The Wild Ox can appear on the first reel only to replace and help complete winning combos. The second symbol is the mouse or rat (likely rat, since the Year of the Rat is another Chinese New Year variant); for five rat icons you win 1250 coins; for four rat symbols your prize is 125 coins, for three rat symbols you can count on a 25 coin payout and for two rat symbol you get 3 coins. After this is the pig symbol which, for five icons on the reels, you win 1000 coins; for four pigs you get 100 cons, for three pig icons (oink-oink) you still receive 15 coins and for two pigs you get 2 coins. The final character icon is the dog; for five dogs you get 300 coins; for four dog icons you win 50 coins and for three dogs the prize is 10 coins.

We’ll cover the low-paying poker card suits briefly; for the Ace and the King, you win 250 coins if five of either one lands on the reels of Ox Bonanza Slots; for four of either you receive 30 coins and for three of them you get 5 coins. The same goes for the Queen suit, whereas for the Joker and the numeral 10 five of a kind guarantees a 125 coin reward, four of each gives you 25 coins and three of them are worth 5 coins. Enjoy Ox Bonanza Slots from Real time Gaming today.