Spring Wilds Slots

Realtime Gaming has wowed audiences once again with their commitment to online gaming excellence. The eponymous Spring Wilds Slots is a refreshing exemplar of the graphical abilities of the newer mobile devices, and the excellent visuals are backed up by even better gameplay. Sporting 5 reels and 25 payways, the number of lines available delivers a prodigious experience, and you thus have many different ways that you can win (as long as you download now and play for real cash and prizes).

The theme is one of Springtime Blues, and harkens to the fact that the pagan Roman Catholic holiday of Easter is right around the corner. You will go on a merry colored egg hunt with some devilishly cute cats and dogs, as well as bunnies and hares – these form the symbols on the reels, in fact. Added to the excitement of watching the reels win in the hopes of delivering a winning combination to you, you’ll also be regaled by the prospect of seeing which eggs pops up next, for they deliver in-game treats and prizes (as well as cash).

Spring Wild Slots Template

It is truly a festive Easter season with Spring Wilds Slots; the design is as captivating as it is exhilarating. The cartoonish world that they have created really does the RTG software engineers justice. This is classified as a large pokey, with its 5 reels and 25 paylines; it is best to keep all paylines active if you wish to maximize your chances of winning on the 3x5 grid layout. To help your chances dramatically, the game has tossed in a bevy of free spins, symbol replacing wilds and respins that can really help you go on a winning streak. Although this is definitely an Easter-oriented game, do not think that it is meant only to be played on the holiday of the so-called Queen of Heaven, the Kemetic goddess Ishtar; you can actually play it at any time of the year with confidence.

Although Spring Wilds Slots is often advertised as a mobile slot, in truth, you can play it on your Windows workstation just as easily as on your Apple or Android device. The demo option is for those who wish to play for free; it allows you to activate the program Flash in a supported browser, and begin playing without downloading in just a few seconds. With this option, you do not create an account; anything you “win” will be delivered in virtual cash. To have a shot at winning for real, you have to download the casino software and make a deposit.

Symbols and Combos in Spring Wilds Slots

The Wild symbol is the most important (arguably) one in the game, and its ability to sub in for all other symbols cannot be understated. This lets it improve your payouts in the real money version of Spring Wilds Slots. Although the wild symbol appears on the second reel, the third reel, the fourth reel and the fifth reel (the only reel on which it does not make a statement is the first reel), it cannot make a substitution for the bonus icon in the scatter icon. As for the scatter symbol, it is represented by a colorful display and for five of them you win 25 free games; if you land for colorful scatter symbols you open up 10 free spins, and for three scatter symbols your reward is a single free game. You managed to land both the wild and the bonus symbol, in the scatter symbol ratchets up its prize to three of a kind delivering 10 free games, four of a kind of the scatter symbol delivering 15 free games, and five scatters getting you 20 free games.

As for the Spring Wilds Slots colored bonus icon, this one has many values for different symbol appearances on the game board. If you land six bonus symbols, then you win six coins; for seven bonus icons you get tangled coins, eight colorful bonus symbols get you 20 gold coins, nine bonus symbols are worth 25 gold coins, 10 bonus icons get you 40 gold coins, 11 of a kind is worth 60 gold coins, 12 colored bonus icons are worth 80 gold coins, 13 bonus icons get you 100 go coins, 14 of them release a 200 gold coin payout, and finally 15 Spring Wild Slots bonus symbols are worth 400 gold coins – and when at least six of them show up, the Lucky Streak Bonus Feature re-spin is activated.

Now we take a peek at the major symbols in the games, starting with the cute puppy dog. Five cute puppy dogs get you 800 gold coins; for of a kind of the cute puppy dog symbol is worth 100 gold coins, and three puppy dogs get you 25 gold coins in the game. Next up is the pink piglet symbol which, for the maximum five on the game board, delivers a 250 coin prize; for piglet icons get you 50 coins, and three piglet symbols are worth 25 coins. Next up is the recalcitrant sheep symbol; five of a kind gets you 150 coins, four recalcitrant sheep icons are worth 35 coins, and three of them get you 10 coins. Somewhat similarly, there's the ultra cute chick (as in baby chicken) symbol: five chicks get you 100 coins, four chicks get you 30 coins, and three chicks are worth 10 coins. The cute yellow chicklet is the last character symbol in Spring Wilds Slots – the next series of symbols are from the table game poker.

The first two symbols are worth same, and are the Ace and the King jackets from poker. Five of a kind of either one is worth 75 coins, five Ace symbols or five Key suits are worth 25 coins, and for three of the same you get five coins. Coming in second are the Queen and the Joker/Jack symbols; five of either one is worth 50 coins, four of the Queen or the Jack get you 15 coins, and three of them pays out five coins. The final paying symbols in the game are the 10 and the 9; five of them is worth 30 coins, four of them are worth 10 coins, and three of either 10 or three of 9 is worth five coins. Download Spring Wilds Slots today and enjoy the best that Real Time Gaming has to offer.