Mardi Gras Magic Slots

People from around the world - even those who are not located in the Western Hemisphere - have heard of the old St. Louis festival known as Mardi Gras. Originating in the still communist country of Cuba, this festival has a pervasive sprinkling of Jamaican seasoning in it which is withstood the test of time. Real Time Gaming has successfully created a 5 reel, 25 Pay Way video Slots which has a lot to offer whether you choose to play it in the fun mode, or the real money download mode. It's got loads of opportunities to win prizes and cash, along with free spins, wild symbols and scatter icons which are especially helpful in unlocking a Random Prize Gift within the game.

The festival of Mardi Gras is named after the third day of the week, and is very festive as it involves the wearing of elaborate costumes by both men and women. In particular, the women tend to be scantily but tastefully clad, and parade up and down the streets singing and dancing on an all-night carousel. The festival is really well-known for the absolutely delicious Hispanic food being sold at virtually every corner by professional chefs and local food artisans. Mardi Gras Magic Slots is truly one of a kind and is worth the download.

The graphical appearance is another thing that will blow you away; it is buttressed by the sweeping sonic landscape of a rich and ethnic soundtrack that serves as a wonderful background music. The 5 x 3 grid is well suited to this standard-sized game board. Keep in mind that with all Real Time Gaming Slots, you are under no obligation to download the casino software in order to enjoy the game; you can play the Flash version in your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser on your android mobile device, or your Safari browser on your Apple iOS mobile device.

Mardi Gras Magic Slots Bonus Features Galore

Of extreme interest the real money gamers in any video Slots work the title, is the prospect of bonus features and the gift-giving rounds that this entails. In Mardi Gras Magic Slots, you can expect a specifically named Random Cash Prizes bonus, as well as a Bursting Wild bonus feature that employs scatter symbols and wild icons to help activate free games and more. The Random Cash Prize feature just takes a single spin to trigger it in the real money version of the slot, and it is capable of taking you to heights untold. You will truly experience the power of the Bursting Substitute icon in this round if it shows up to play. The game metrics indicate that you can expect to win small amounts frequently and big amounts in frequently.

The special symbols appear in both the base game in the bonus features, and can even tag team to truly elevate the value of your winnings to shocking heights. The Wild Mask icon takes the cake for the highest-paying symbol in the game and it can make a substitution to help complete a winning pay line. As for the scatter symbol, depending on whether you land three, four, or five of a kind on the reels simultaneously, it will trigger the free game bonus and deliver, respectively, 10, 15 or 20 free games in Mardi Gras Magic Slots. This feature can be re-triggered for even more winnings as the game proceeds.

Paying Icons and Their Combos

You will quickly see the numbers involved when you download the software to play for cash prizes (the opportunity to win such, anyway). All it takes is the smallest possible wager of $0.25 per pay line, and the highest possible wager of six dollars per. Keep in mind that there are 25 pay lines, and you should keep them all active to maximize your possible payout if you win. This enables you to manager bankrolled better by wagering just a few cents per pay line. The top prize is 20,000 times your starting bet, and can obviously be a great boon to any bank account if you win.

We will go through the high-paying character symbols represented by zany icons in the game to see just what you stand to potentially win. One of the dancing ladies at the Mardi Gras festival is the highest paying symbol, and if you land five of her you win 2000 coins. Four cleavage-showing dancing blue ladies gets you 250 coins, whereas three of her are worth 25 coins, and two dancing blue ladies get you five coins. The next icon in the realm of high-paying symbols is what looks to be a green alligator or Cayman symbol; five of a kind delivers a 1000 coin reward, four green Cayman symbols are worth 200 coins, and three green Caymans gives you the final payout this icon at 20 coins.

Slightly lower paying symbols follow and begin with the party lady with the big glasses icon; five of a kind is worth 750 coins, four party ladies with the big glasses get you 150 coins, and three of her zany self are worth 15 coins. Following this is a character that has a wristwatch for a head - the costumes get really crazy at the Mardi Gras festival! Five of the watch head symbol is worth 500 coins, four watch head icons get you 100 coins, three of a kind of the watch head is worth 10 coins as the final payout for this ridiculous icon.

In the last section we have the still-worthwhile low-paying symbols that feature the paid version of the game. The first looks to be a marching band leader that's worth 200 coins for five of a kind on the reels; for marching band leader symbols get you 40 coins, and three of him deliver a coins. Next are a couple of costume facemask wearing revelers; five of them get you 200 coins, four facemask wearing revelers are worth 40 coins, and three of a kind delivers in a coin payout. The next symbol defies description: it looks like some kind of rainbow spewing cauldron with legs running in the direction of the partygoers. Nonetheless, five of this icon get you 100 coins, four of them get you 25 coins, and three delivers a five coin payout the final low-paying symbol in the game are a pair of constant glasses that are worth 100 coins for five in a row, 25 coins for foreign a row, and five coins for three on the game board at the same time. There's not much else to say about Real Time Gaming's Mardi Gras Magic Slots; just download and play.