Paddy's Lucky Forest Slots

Paddy's Lucky Forest Slots is as unique a pokey as we have ever reviewed, and is reminiscent of mining as we entered the 20th Century here in the US. However, the similarities stop there, as this was comes to us from the magical Irish, with their love of leprechauns being front-and-center in this spectacularly detailed online game. The gameplay and graphics are of such quality that right away you know that none other than Real Time Gaming could have built it, being the number one gaming software provider for casino lovers.

The Luck of the Irish comes to you throughout the year - and not just on St. Patrick's Day. As can be seen by the fact that it is celebrated throughout the Western world, and through much of the rest of the world besides, it's clear that the leprechaun and his rainbow has escaped the land of the paddy wagon. Sporting a solid 5 reels and 720 huge pay ways, you truly have an elite number of ways to win with all these combinations that are possible. As you get in the game, you will come across Wild icons that are slippery, as well as cauldrons of gold that function as scatter symbols and pay out a multiple of your wager. Free spins also abound as gifts of the scatter, and a Pick Me Bonus Feature entry really has a chance to make your dreams come true. As is the case with the most popular slots, too, Paddy's Lucky Forest has a progressive jackpot that could really boost your bank account - download for access!

Paddy's Lucky Forest: Theme and Appearance

As befits St. Patrick's Day, this lot is bordered by a realm of green trees in a magical forest of leisure. Saint Patrick was canonized by the Roman Catholic Church and is considered to be the pattern same of the entire realm of Ireland. Just because the date may not happen to be March 17, does not mean you cannot indulge in this 5 reel pokey. It is definitely one of those themed Slots a can be played year round. You will enjoy the female fairy creatures that frolic in the Woodlands and flit all about the trees in an enchanted dance meant to mesmerize the player. Of course, there's also a rainbow which was always meant to certify God's covenant with man that he would not drown the world again due to sin. Today, this rainbow features in many different mythologies and often takes on a new meaning.

With this games 720 pay ways, is not difficult to win something as long as you start with an adequate bankroll and keep all pay lines active. Of course, since free play is available, you do not actually need to wager anything at all to enjoy the Flash browser addition. For the real money variant of the game, you do have to download the casino software in make a deposit totaling the prescribed amount by the particular online casino you choose. The minimum number of symbols that form a combination eligible for a payout is three; if you happen to land five of a kind then you win the maximum amounts - as can be seen later in this review. In fact, it is possible to win up to 1440x your original wager by landing five of a kind; the variable X represents whatever you bet at the start of the game.

Speaking of betting, it is possible to enact the real money version by waging between $0.40 and $200 per spin keeping all pay lines active. The monetary values have not yet included the triple progressive jackpot available in the game.

Symbol Combinations and Pay Way Values

Now for the much-anticipated symbol combination pay ways in Paddy's Lucky Forest Slots. Firstly, we have the wild green clover symbol which can supplant every other non-scatter symbol in the game to help you complete a winning combination. As for the scatter, itself, it is represented by a tilted gold cauldron of gold coins. If you manage to get three scattered cauldrons on the reels at the same time, you will activate the Pick Bonus Feature and have a chance to grab a host of free spins as well as instant cash prizes.

Certainly unsurprisingly, the leprechaun is the highest paying symbol in the game. If you get five of this magical grumpy fellow on the reels simultaneously, then you win 1200 coins; if you land for magic grumpy leprechaun symbols you win 150 coins, and three of them get you 50 coins. The next symbol is the leprechauns familiar, dressed in regal green; five of him is worth 400 coins, four leprechaun familiar symbols get you 120 coins, and three of him are worth 40 coins. After this is the purple fairy symbol; five purple fairy symbols get you 250 coins, four purple fairy icons are worth 60 coins, and three purple fairies release 25 coins into your casino account.

Wouldn't you know that the very next symbol is also a fairy; except she has shockingly red beautiful hair. This very, if five show up at the same time is worth 125 coins. For gloriously redhaired very symbols are worth 40 coins, and three of her get you 20 coins. And next is the rainbow symbol; five rainbows guarantee a 100 point payout, whereas for rainbow icons guarantee 30 coin payout and three rainbows release a 15 coins win on the pay lines. The third and final character symbol before the poker card suits is the golden horseshoe icon; five golden horseshoe symbols are worth 80 coins, for golden horseshoe icons get you 20 coins, and three golden horseshoes are worth 10 coins.

In this final subsection you have a red heart from poker, a blue spades symbol, an emerald clover symbol and a purple diamond symbol. If five red hearts land you win 80 coins, for red hearts get you 20 coins, and three red heart symbols are worth 10 coins. Five blue spades are worth 40 coins, four blue spades get you 15 coins, and three blue spades are worth five coins. Next we have five emerald clover symbols get you 40 coins, four emerald clovers are worth 15 coins, and three emerald clovers pay five coins. Finally, we have five purple diamonds which are worth 40 coins, four purple diamond symbols produce a 15 coin payout and three purple diamonds unleash the same five coins. Paddy's Lucky Forest slots awaits your patronage; download tonight for more.