Megasaur Slots

Megasaur Slots is one of the chief slots that online casino gaming veterans speak about when denoting the top-paying pokeys for newcomers. With the progressive options located inside, it has paid out as much money as any in the video gaming realm. As usual, there’s also a fun money mode for those who wish to simply experience the action without an economic stake in the game; just make sure you have a supported browser in your mobile device (Chrome, Safari and Firefox are viable options). With 5 reels and 25 paylines, this dinosaur-themed slot does not skimp on the visuals; neither is the gameplay in any way shabby. The fact that it is one of those very rare million dollar progressives is what makes it a mainstay in any online casino that can afford the fees to keep it in their local library – and you are invited to test your chances at Megasaur Slots.

Wagering and Bonus Symbols in Megasaur Slots

Betting is of significant interest when it comes to slots with jackpots of this size, which is why we take the time to get into the details here. The minimum eligible wager per spin is $1.25 and the maximum wager is $5; with only a single increment in-between at $2.50. Along with red and green dinos as the bonus character icons, you have others that indicate the Cretaceous and Tertiary dinosaur ages, as well as poker card slots. The flaming red dino symbol and the emerald green dino are the top-paying ones and help unlock the free games features – as well as replace regular symbols to aid in completing a winning payline. The usual suspects from poker include the 9, 10, Jack (also known as the Joker), Queen, King and of course the top-paying Ace of Spades.

The non-bonus symbols include a lava mountain, a clawed raptor and more terrible lizards – we will go through these in another section to come when we list the symbols combination payouts that you can expect. The flaming red dino symbol is the first wild, and it replaces others along with boosting the payout when it completes a winning combination. The emerald green dino is also a wild, but it does not boost payouts as part of a winning combination. The flaming mountain cannot be moved by either of the wild icons, and this is the symbol which unlocks the free spins features to prolong your winning streak if you are so lucky.

The scattered flaming mountain symbol, for five on the board, returns a result of 300x, along with the mega jackpot. If instead you get four flaming mountains you unlock a 10x win and the major jackpot. Next in line for three flaming mountains is a 2x prize and the minor jackpot, and the final payout for the scatter is a 1x win; as you can see, all scatter wins enjoy a multiplication of the starting bet. The emerald green dino wild descends onto the second reel only and the grouped flaming red dino descends on the fourth reel alone. Again; only the flaming red dino (Megasaur, specifically) doubles the payouts in the game.

Features to Look For

There are several telling features in this game, and they begin with the weird but satisfying Win-Win Attribute. This feature has the peculiar ability to actually help you win something if you’ve been on a losing streak. When the Free Games feature is triggered, you may be knee-deep in extra chances before you know it and need only wager the minimum to have access to the Win-Win ability. Along with the triple jackpots that are possible with the scatter, this flaming volcano can also deliver two, five or up to ten free games even as you’re already in the throes of winning. This pokey is filled with surprises and opportunities.

Megasaur Slots Icon Permutations and Paytable

Well you wanted to know about the high-paying symbols so... Here is the first of the lot: the cinnamon triceratops symbol, if five of them show up, get you 1000 coins – this payout is elevated to 2000 coins with the appearance of the flaming red dino. If four cinnamon triceratops icons appear then you win 500 coins which are improved to 1000 coins with the flaming red dino wild icon. Three cinnamon triceratops symbols get you 100 coins, and two of these are worth 10 coins. The next sky high-paying symbol is the turquoise Brontosaurus – although it can pass for a Stegosaurus as well; five of these regardless are worth 750 coins; this gets up to 1500 coins with the flaming red dino wild. If four turquoise Brontosaurus symbol show up you win 250 coins, gets up to 500 coins with the wild symbol. Three turquoise Brontosaurus/Stegosaurus symbols are worth 50 coins, and two of them get you five coins.

There aren't that many symbols in Megasaur Slots; the final two dinosaurs are collected together because they are worth the same payouts: this is a golden-weaned pterodactyl and a Royal raptor. If five of them show up the symbols on the reels you win 250 coins – is elevated to 500 coins with the symbol-replacing flaming red dino wild icon. If instead four show up you win 100 coins which is double to 200 coins with the substitute symbol. Finally, for three of the pterodactyl the raptor symbol you win 25 coins, and for two of either you win two coins on the game board for real money players.

Closing out this review, we have the poker card representatives. For the Ace and the King, five get you 150 coins – which is doubled to a steel-impressive 300 coins with the flaming red dino substitute. For of the symbols get you 30 coins, which gets up to 60 coins with the substitute symbol. The final payout for this collection of two poker card symbols is 10 coins if three of either appears. The Jack and the Queen symbols are guaranteed to payout 125 coins if five appear on the reels; this is doubled in value to 250 coins if the flaming red dino substitute replaces one of symbols. If either for Jack symbols or for Queen symbol show up you win 25 coins, which enjoys an increase to 50 coins with the substitute symbol. Lastly, three of a kind delivers a five coin payout. The last collection of symbols is 9 of the 10; five of them are worth 100 coins, which experiences an improvement to 200 coins with the substitute symbol; for of either the 10 or the 9 symbols get you 20 coins, which shoots up to 40 coins with the substitute. The last paying combination is for three of a kind, and this get you five coins. Megasaur Slots is one-of-a-kind, and you are invited to try your luck with this super-Progressive Slot via software download.