Eternal Love Slots

Since you have the word "eternal" in the title, this should arguably suggest undying beings will play a part in this Real Time Gaming digital game - and you'd be right. Eternal Love Slots is a 5 reel, 243 pay ways slot that has an interesting take on the love story in the movie franchise known as Twilight. In fact, Bella, Edward and crew are highly reminiscent of the character icons that form the symbols on the reels; so much so in fact that you could say the game is based on Twilight. Jacob the werewolf doesn't show up, however, so that's at least one major difference. The visual appeal of the slot is definitely on the level of a movie, with crisp graphics and lightning-fast responses insofar as the game controls and elements are concerned.

Indeed, it becomes clear that this game is really just Twilight envisioned as a video slot; but of course Hollywood's penchant to sue the pants off anyone made it clear that Eternal Love Slots was the vastly superior name. It has still managed to attract a slew of invested gamers to download the plan. The protagonist is Bella, and she is human at the start of the game but eventually makes an appearance in her final form as a vampire as the video slot progresses. It's filled with enough amenities to make no download Flash play a viable option; but if you want access to the in-game treasures, you will need to eventually hit the Download Banner and make a deposit after you create an account.

Eternal Love Slots Wagering and Information

We always Start out with the information that this Real Time Gaming pokey is free to play as long as you have a mobile device capable of running Firefox and Chrome (for android) or Safari for Apple iOS. This is the quickest way to playing the games you love at your favorite online gaming casino - just had to the landing page and locate the "Instant Play" signage and click once to be transported almost immediately to the casino lobby. In this mode everything that you win will be awarded as digital fun money. The only other alternative is the "Download" option which allows you to fully tap into everything that Eternal Love Slots has to offer. There is a fixed amount of money that you can wager on the 243 pay lines; for a total spin the lowest amount $0.30 and the highest amount is $150 per spin.

The icon of note firstly presented is the substitute symbol because it has the ability to dominate the symbol payout combinations. We will get more into this a little bit later on in this review, but for now you should know that the Eternal Love game signage functions as the Wild/Substitute icon. It comes with a special allotment of multipliers that are capable of triggering a win that is 81x the amount of your bet at the start of the game.

The next icon of note is Eternal Love Slots scatter symbol which is responsible for activating the Bonus Feature as well as delivering free spins to the lucky gamer. It is represented by the Ancient Gold Coin icon, and if five of them show up at the same time your prize is 200 x - with X being the value of your original wager when the game started. If four Ancient Gold Coin icons appear, you win 20 5x your wager, if three Ancient Goal Coin symbol show up you win 2x your wager, and the final payout value for the scatter symbol showing up twice is one coins. As if this wasn't enough, you also get 10 free spins if five Ancient Gold Coins appear, with a decreasing number if four of a kind show up, three of a kind show up, and two of a kind appear.

Eternal Love Slots Pay Way Values

Now we finally get to the actual payouts in the game. The first symbol is the sullen-face pre-vampiric Bella; five of her returns a 1000 coins reward; for Bella icons get you 200 coins on the pay lines, three Bella symbols are worth 100 coins, and to Bella's get you just five coins. The next symbol of considerable value in Eternal Love Slots is a stolid, fully vampiric Edward; five of a kind returns a payout the 500 coins; for Edward symbols get you a value of 75 coins, three Edward symbols get you 40 coins, and two Edward to worth five coins. The third high-value symbol is a random vampire; five random vampire icons are worth 250 coins, four random vampire symbols get you 50 coins, and three random vampires are worth 25 coins - with two random vampires still being worth the obligatory five coins.

In the next room we have two icons that possess the same values in terms of symbol combinations. The first one is an azure blue ring and the second one is a Ruby gem set in a silver ring. If you get lucky and managed to land either five blue gem rings or five Ruby silver ring symbols on the reels at the same time in Eternal Love Slots, then your prize is nothing to sneeze at - 125 big ones; if you land four of the blue and silver ring or four of the Ruby red and silver ring you win 30 coins, if you land three of either one you get 10 coins, and two of a kind just a couple of coins into your casino account.

The final symbols in the game are from poker; let's begin with the Ace, the King, and the Queen. Five of each one of these is worth 100 coins, four of each one is worth 20 coins, and three of either one is worth five coins. The second and final batch of symbols includes the Joker, the 10, and the 9; five of a kind is worth 75 coins, four of a kind is worth 12 coins, and three of a kind gets you five coins. Eternal Love Slots doesn't have too many secrets that we haven't touched on in this review, so all that remains is for you to give it a spin and see if the gameplay is live enough for you. Download this RTG option and spin away for a chance at cash and prizes.